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by bapenguin

The World's Most Popular Slot Game

Just like computer gaming, there are so many different casino games that the choice can seem endless. There are thousands upon thousands of slot games to enjoy, with new titles being released every day.

Yet despite this incredible range of slots, from jackpots to classics and video slots, there is one game that remains the world's firm favorite – even though it was released way back in 2012.

Starburst is produced by NetEnt and still tops the most popular slot charts worldwide every month.

That's a remarkable achievement and is like a first-person shooter from nine years ago still being the world's best-selling game! You could say that if there were Oscars for slots, then Starburst would win a lifetime achievement award.

Introducing Starburst

When you play the Starburst slot, which is available at online casinos like STS Bet, it's hard to put your finger on why it is a runaway success. If you have experience on many different slots, you would say the graphics are not outstanding, the sound effects are reasonable, but you've heard better, and the gameplay is not innovative.

But somehow, the whole package works. That soundtrack is pleasant enough; certainly, it does not grate after a while, as some slot music does. When you hit the spin button, the' pop' noise is a nice touch, and avid casino players will recognize it in an instant.

The game is played across five reels, and it has three rows. There are ten paylines – lines where you can match the same symbol for a win – which is also not unusual. But Starburst has one or two tricks up its sleeve. First, you don't just win for a combination of symbols from left to right; you can also make a winning line in the right-to-left direction.

The symbols are all pretty jewels: red, green, yellow, orange, and purple. The purple sits nicely with the uncluttered and minimalist theme of the slot. There are also higher paying red sevens, and the best of all, the BAR symbol. As with all slots of this type, the more you are willing to wager, the more you can win from these standard paylines.

However, things get really interesting, and the wins can quickly mount up thanks to the special wild symbol, which is represented by the star.

The wild substitutes for all other symbols, and when it lands on reels 2, 3, or 4, it expands to fill all three rows. It then proceeds to lock in place, and you get another spin. If another wild falls on 2, 3, or 4, that reels also expands and locks in place. This happy event can happen three times before the outer reels spin again, and your winning lines are created. You could be on the verge of a bumper payout.

Why is Starburst so Popular?

Aside from the obvious benefits, for example, it looks good and plays nicely, Starburst does so well because it is accessible to all types of slot players, just as the best computer games appeal to different types of players. Newbies love it because it is one of the least complicated slot games to try. And experienced slots fans enjoy it because it never seems to get boring – and there is the possibility of decent payouts.

Indeed, the return to player percentage (RTP), which is the amount a player is expected to get back from playing, is 96.09%. That figure is fairly good when compared to many other slot games available. But if you are prepared to wait it out, the bigger prizes from the expanding wilds can make everything even more worthwhile.

While other new slots come and go, others become wildly popular for years then tale off. The Buffalo slots, for example, have been a favorite for many live casinos and online casino players. However, the game developers have to release new versions of the game to keep it fresh and maintain support.

That's something that Starburst has never had to do, which is a great credit to NetEnt and all its team of developers and designers. NetEnt is perhaps the world's best-known slot developer, so players can trust that the games are well put together and fair.

Some new slot games have so many features because the developers want to produce something wildly different. But this can be counter-productive, leaving all but the most determined of slots players confused about what's going on. Perhaps this is the biggest secret to Starburst's success – it's simple to play yet hugely engaging.


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