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What Mini-Games Are We Likely To See In The Next GTA Game


With the release of the next generation of consoles, the rumors surrounding GTA 6 are growing stronger, with it possibly being one of the most eagerly awaited games in history. Many fans worldwide are eager to discover what's next for Grand Theft Auto - will we stay in the United States, or travel to London? Is it possible that we will be able to visit Japan at long last? For the time being, GTA 5 Online is keeping us occupied as it re-releases for the third time on PS5 and Xbox Series X; but, there is no doubt that players are eagerly anticipating the next installment.

Mini-games or custom games were first introduced in GTA 5, and they quickly became a focal point of the game. While they were occasionally used in main story missions, they were used mainly in the players' spare time when they weren't wreaking havoc in Los Santos. This got us thinking about which mini-games or custom games should return in GTA 6 and whether new ones would be added, such as MMA bouts or poker games. I'm a firm believer that to get where you're going, you need to know where you have come from. With that in mind, let us begin by looking at some of the best mini-games or custom games from GTA 5 before previewing what we might expect in GTA 6.

Busted - Busted is a bespoke game in the form of classic cops and robbers, in which players are divided into two teams. One GTA Online squad is composed of cops, while the other is made up of bandits who have just robbed Los Santos' main bank building. The goal is simple: the criminals must flee to Los Santos International Airport to board their getaway jet. The authorities must either box them in or destroy their getaway car (without weapons).


Bomb Runners - This GTA Online custom game epitomizes the joys of childhood. People spawn on a map in a car, and two players are chosen as bombs, which are set to explode after a given length of time. Their objective is to collide with another player and pass the bomb to them. When the countdown runs out, whoever is unfortunate enough to get tagged with a bomb will, of course, explode. The rounds continue until only one person is left alive, at which point they are declared the winner.


Demolition Derby - The objective of the game is simple: maintain a specific pace. It may appear straightforward, but with GTA Online users attempting to strike and flip other players' cars and the minimum speed restriction increasing with each round, it is anything but simple. Players must find the fastest car in GTA Online and prepare to handle their car like a pro, because anyone who exceeds the speed limit for an extended period will explode. The game can be played in teams or alone, and the game is won by the last team or player alive in either mode.


Bomberman - While playing this GTA Online custom game, pay close attention because there are too many ways to lose. In GTAO's Bomberman, all players are divided into two teams, with the Bomber team consisting of only one or two players and the Runner team consisting of everyone else. Runners are seeded in their automobiles in a small map in the sky, with the ability to leap by pushing their horn key. Bombers get a bird's eye perspective and can drop bombs on players and the map from above.

So, what would we like to see in terms of mini-games from GTA 6?


Hunting - Even though many players did not bother with this mini-game, wild animals could constantly be seen moving about the landscape and the variety of animals in GTA 5. With so many wild creatures roaming Blaine County, players may spend their free time hunting side objectives and mini-games to see how many different animals they could see. The grizzly bear was one of the rarest and most sought-after animals in GTA 5. Players would frequently see this animal near the highest mountain in GTA 5, and the bear would immediately chase them down. With claims that GTA 6 would be situated in Brazil and other regions of America, the animal selections seem limitless.


Base Jumping - Another new feature in GTA 5 was the player's ability to not only fly planes but also free fall from great heights while doing so. With the addition of the free-falling mechanism came the addition of the base jumping mini-game. Players would leap out of a plane at a specific location on the map and navigate to a landing place with a particular radius to maximize their scores. While the exhilaration of seeing all of Los Santos never got old for gamers, the mini-game might grow repetitive at times.

Racing - With GTA 5 Online still going strong, the staple of online has always been racing. Whether it's car races or airplane races, racing is by far the best game mode in GTA 5 Online. With so many vehicles in GTA 5 and the possibility of even more in GTA 6, it's even more critical for Rockstar Games to develop their racing modes. New courses and vehicle-specific courses appear to be a must-have for GTA 6, and these decisions will overjoy online gamers.

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