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by bapenguin

Computer Hardware for Games

Nowadays, over half of the world’s population is actively using the internet. With the internet being easily accessible and new games being developed every day, more and more people are stepping into the world of gaming. Gaming is something everyone can do. But often, people hesitate because there is a myth that you need super-powerful hardware to be able to play games on your system. In this article, let’s try to break that myth.

How important is it to have powerful hardware to play games?

The answer to this question is straightforward. It is in no manner essential to have powerful computer hardware if you want to play games. It actually depends on what game you're playing. There are some games that are not heavy in terms of size and the memory they consume on your PC, so it is pretty feasible to play them even if the computer hardware that you are using to play isn’t powerful.


The games that do not require powerful computer hardware and can efficiently be run on low-level hardware are run server-side. Many online games are just like that. A good example for those could be found on Grand Rush online casino, where one definitely doesn’t need to to upgrade their computer hardware to enjoy them. These could be easily run from simple mobile devices as well. 

What are server-side games?

People often ask, “how do you know if a certain game is server-sided or not?”. The answer to that is quite simple, you look at the file size, and if it doesn’t seem to be too large or it doesn’t have too many embedded files in it, then you can safely say that the game is a server-side one. This means as server-side games are small in file size and quite manageable, you can easily run them on your computer even if the hardware isn’t powerful. You can always update the computer hardware later on if you want to experience a different gaming side; that is a personal choice.

What games require powerful hardware?

Games that are large in size consisting of high-quality graphics require powerful computer hardware. If you try to run heavy gaming software on a PC with low-level computer hardware, then the game is most likely to crash. Games like Assassin's Creed Origins, Crysis, GTA, Red Dead Redemption, and many more such games will require you to update your computer hardware if you want to play without facing any issues.

Types of games

It is crucial to get familiar with the several types of games that are available on the internet to figure out whether running a specific game on your system requires powerful computer hardware or not. To be honest, we can talk about this topic endlessly. There isn’t a rigid categorization of games.


There are multiple genres having subgenres, and one game can belong to more than one genre simultaneously. But categorizing broadly, we have action games, adventure games, role-playing games, simulation games, strategy games, racing games, sports games, puzzle games, and idle games. Quite fortunately, you will find games compatible with your system and safe to run on whatever computer hardware you have in all genres.