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by bapenguin

How to Get Game Tester Job with No Experience

When you were younger, you may have dreamed about having a job where you played video games for a living. But now, that dream can certainly become a reality. Gaining game tester no experience jobs can be as easy as finding any other work out there. Job sites like Jooble incorporate many different industries to find work with various skill sets. This includes testing out games and checking them out for any bugs or errors. It is vital to work that is important for any game development team. Your work can do so much for the industry, and it can be as simple as pressing the start button. Here is how to get a game tester job without any need for experience.  

Role of the Job 

To put it simply, being a game tester is about playing video games and seeing if they work. It is an important job for any game production team that is developing a new product. Sometimes the job will be called a QA tester. QA stands for Quality Assurance. This is the main duty of the job. You must test the overall quality of the product and assure the company that everything is fine. If it is not fine, then you will analyze and take notes about what needs to be improved. What mistakes to look for can vary with the product. Sometimes it can be spelling mistakes in text boxes. Other times it can be glitching through walls that are not supposed to exist.  


You will be working on a few different consoles, depending on what the game will be available on. This includes the most popular platforms: 

  • PlayStation 

  • Xbox 

  • PC 

  • Nintendo and even more brands. 

This is because games can sometimes have different problems on each console it is available on. The software and the hardware may not mix well, so it is up to you to find the inconsistencies. Playing the game will also depend on your own skills. You may be tested on your ability as a beginner to games or a veteran. This way, the game company can see how their game reacts to different audiences.  

Salary and Work Time 

Most salaries for QA testers can range between £24,000 to £50,000. This number can vary depending on what kind of games you work on and what company you work for. Big AAA game companies will offer a much larger salary if you test out their games. This is because the games they sell have a much bigger profit margin. As for the work schedule, it can also be entirely flexible. If you work for a professional company, you will be asked to work standard weekday shifts or evenings. This will all depend on the project deadlines and what needs to get done in a certain amount of time. A lot of game companies may work on crunch time, and that can include game testers.  


How to Get Started 

The first thing you should do is try and get some education into game development. Knowing how games work can help greatly in finding possible issues. It can also prove to potential employers that you know what to look for if you receive the job. Qualifications can always help out in the job search, and this still applies. You can study game design courses online or through a professional education setting like a university.  


You can improve your work experience in gaming by applying for internships or by working in game-related professions. This can even include working at a games store and selling games to customers. This will give you insight into what kind of games people like and what they enjoy about them the most. Search for part-time jobs that involve games during the summer or weekends. Even writing about games through a blog counts as an experience. As long as you prove you have a passion for games, this can sometimes be enough to get an employer interested.  


Begin the Search 

Searching for game tester jobs is as simple as searching for any other job. They will be advertised as such on job websites. Sometimes they will be called “game tester” jobs, while other times, as mentioned earlier, they will be referred to as QA testers. As long as you look for specific requirements, you will find what you need. Some of them may even specify they require no job experience, which will work for the better. When you apply, make sure to mention any knowledge of hobbies you have that can prove your interest in games.  


Once you have got the job, be sure to take your duties seriously. Being a game tester isn’t always about “playing games”. Be sure to always keep an analytical mind and treat your peers with respect.