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Best Comics-Based Slots Games in Online casinos accepting interac

Slots are usually the most popular games on casino sites. In addition to giving gamblers the opportunity to make huge gains, there is also a wide variety of them, with different themes and please all tastes.

When accessing a casino interac in Canada, you will see that there are classic slots, offering themes of jewels and fruits, and more modern ones, which follow the youth culture. Comic-book slots, for example, are quite popular these days.

It is true that many of them are made based on the movies, that is, an adaptation of an adaptation, but that doesn't mean that they don't have options faithful to the comics and of very high quality. With the help of expert Kevin N. Cochran, here are 5 slot options with this theme that you need to try when wagering with Interact.


Playtech's Aquaman features authentic hand-drawn style graphics that look like they've been pulled straight from the pages of a comic book. As is the case with all of Playtech's DC slots, the design team has done an amazing job of staying true to the source material.

One detail, however, is that this game does not yet have a demo version available. So if you are one of those people who likes to try a slot for free before playing for real money, it will unfortunately not be suitable for you.

Jack Hammer

This game created by NetEnt focuses on having a complete comic style. The best part of it is that they offer a brand new story for you to follow. Enter the world of detective Jack Hammer and help him save Pearl from the hands of the villain.

The music helps players feel inside the game, adding to the suspense of this slot.

Justice League Comic

This game is exactly what you'd expect, based on its name. The game features all of our favorite Justice League characters, rendered in a classic comic book art style - unlike Playtech's first Justice League slot for online casino in Canada, which has more cinematic graphics.


The main heroes you find on the reels are:

  • Wonder Woman

  • Batman

  • Aquaman

  • Superman


Apart from that, you also find some of the most beloved villains such as The Joker and Cheetah.

Thundercats Reels Of Thundera

Who wasn't a Thundercats fan in the 80s? Following the adventures of feline humanoids from the planet Thundera, this iconic cartoon series spanned 130 episodes and caused endless nightmares about the evil Mumm-Ra.

Blueprint does an amazing job of capturing all the different Thundercats on the reels using a bold cartoon and comic aesthetic. The pulsating soundtrack and sound fragments from the original take this game to another level.

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The Dark Knight

If you are a Canadian online casino player that enjoys comic books and good superhero movies, this slot will certainly call your attention.

You'll really feel the tension of living in Gotham City as you spin the reels in Playtech's The Dark Knight slots. The chaotic city serves as the game's backdrop, waiting for the next big crime wave - but luckily, Batman is ready to save the day.

The game features all the main characters from The Dark Knight movie, including The Joker, Two-Face, and Batman himself. The graphics are photorealistic and really convey the cinematic feel of the game.

Suicide Squad

One of the best Comics-Based Games out there, this slot features our favorite anti-heroes ever. Although the first movie wasn’t considered so good, this slot is certainly great.

Playtech's Suicide Squad features incredibly stunning graphics that do a great job of representing the original film's anti-heroes. They are designed to look photorealistic and the overall theme features a vibrant graffiti style. The soundtrack is great too, with some heavy rock music playing in the background - but you might want to turn the volume down a bit.

Final Thought


The vast majority of comic book-focused slots are obviously superhero-themed.

The vast majority of them will feature classic DC heroes, although it is also possible to find Marvel options. These, however, are usually more focused on the blockbuster movies, like Iron Man and Thor, than the comics exactly.

Either way, there's no shortage of different slots for you to enjoy. Whether you are a comic book fan or someone who likes to experiment with variety, slots are perfect for you as they cover a wide range of different themes and styles.

If you are interested in any of these games or are curious to know what online casinos have to offer, access the link left at the beginning of the post and choose one of the suggested sites. Then just register and start having fun.