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by bapenguin

5 Lesbian Video Game Characters Everyone Loves

The e-game industry is booming. Thanks to the internet, there are more emerging ways to connect with anyone worldwide. People of diverse cultures, speaking different languages, and in distant locations can connect through the Web and social media platforms. The globalization and emergence of digital platforms such as online gaming and dating have dramatically changed our social livelihoods and transcended borders. 

We have learned to grow exponentially and embrace finding love online. The gaming industry has played a big role in that. Lesbian personalities are among the most famous in the gaming industry, having spoken through meaningful LGBTQ representation, being complex, fascinating, and hilarious. Their character has inspired gaming enthusiasts, both male and female, to find game partners and love partners online. 

Intersection Of Geek Interests And Players' Love Lives

Of course, the game is much more enjoyable when you do not have to explore the dungeons alone and feel disconnected from the rest of the gaming community. But where can a lesbian gamer meet like-minded people or find a single queer woman who shares her passion for gaming? How about a lesbian dating site where users can instantly tell if their interests match?

Someone might say that this is just a game and there are always a lot of players online who are ready to break into the game. But will you be comfortable with someone who doesn't understand you? It's always better to have someone on the inside. 

Whether you want something for one night or you want to meet your soul mate, you can enjoy an onenightfriend lesbian hookup  for many reasons. This an extensive functionality, thanks to which the dating service makes it possible to collect a huge amount of information before making contact. Anyone who is into video games is open about their sexuality and often lists it on their profile. It can be more than just a pastime, especially in the era of streaming services. And as a result, you will get a geek like you, but also sharing your lesbian dating preferences, so you can always offer to play games with your favorite LGBT female characters.

5 Vivid Lesbian Video Game Characters

There is nothing not to love about these five lesbian video game characters.

Ellie from the Last of Us

Ellie Williams is the central character of the game series. She is one of the protagonists in the video game franchise. As a young adult, she is a sweet and reserved lady, a little capable, especially with violence, but awkward. She has proven to be an extraordinary character throughout the game. When the zombie bite took her first love Riley away from her, she barely survived the heartbreaking experience.

She then falls in love again with Dina in the second part of the game and starts a family after years of guilt over how the past relationship ended. After a while, she leaves. It is an emotional cliffhanger, and her loving fans are left wondering if she will ever find love again. Despite her tragic romantic life, Ellie is determined to give a lot in her relationships and follows her dating tips to be happy.

Chloe Price from Life is Strange

Chloe Price is the deuteragonist of this video game. She is the charming character of the game and is known to be sexually diverse. Chloe has amazing blue hair, which is almost impossible not to fall in love with. She has an admirable personality and impeccable skills for getting herself in trouble, often by being rebellious. 

She is also a teenage girl with an amazing personality and a generous heart. So, accommodating that, she falls in love with two people. One is her childhood friend, Max Caulfield, who she reunited with and became inseparable. The other one is Racheal, although their relationship is almost bile. Her most popular relationship is with Max, and she has been featured in comics. 

Isabella from Dragon Age 2

Isabella is the captain of the pirates’ ship Siren’s Call. She is a romance goddess for females in video games. Her birth name is Naishe, born a notorious and promiscuous girl who later turns pirate. Although she is a Swash buckle, she is everyone’s favorite busty rogue. She is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting and mischievous characters. 

She has earned herself admiring fans and crushes through her devious but fun way of loving. Some rambunctious romantic events in the video game will inspire anyone to find such love and romance online, whether you like her character or not.

Vivian from Paper Mario

This special character is a sibling of three Shadow Sirens and is a major antagonist. Unlike the sisters, Vivian is compassionate, gentle, and kind but has an inferiority complex due to her preference for feminine romance. The older sisters take her being cisgender as a downside and a means to bully her. 

She becomes more confident about her transition and returns to her sisters. Eventually, Vivian repairs her broken relationships with Marilyn and Beldam and finds her way to confront Mario.

Lena Oxton, AKA Tracer from Overwatch

Lena is a close-range skirmishing hero in Overwatch. Lena is a young, lightening quick brit, and is arguably the face of the video game. Lena is sometimes called a living ghost because of her telepathy abilities and skills as a pilot. There is a lot about Tracer that her fans cannot tell about her just from watching the game.

Tracer’s sexuality was revealed in a digital comic. Although it caused an uproar, she has become a lesbian icon on the internet. Activists and members of the community have congratulated Blizzard Entertainment for not shying off from making this move in its digital comics and video games. 


One of the many reasons anyone plays video games on end is they can resonate with a particular character. When a player feels a connection with a character, they feel inspired by them to live a similar life in the real world. Video games with lesbian characters are essential today because this has become a norm in the modern world. Lesbian gamers are looking for characters they can admire; they feel more comfortable with being themselves and being real with those around them. This inspires them to find love on lesbian dating sites, and let us be honest; everyone deserves to, with no bias on their sexual orientation.