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by bapenguin

5 Significant Trans Characters from Video Games in Recent Years

In the last decade, the push for diversity in the entertainment industry has seen more transgender characters incorporated into video games. To their relief, transgender gamers can now use ready-made characters or create their own trans characters in some games. Being a minority, the transgender community now enjoys some representation after years of bias and gender disparity.

Here are five notable trans characters from video games we’ve witnessed in recent years.

  1. Tyler - Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why is an extremely relatable game for trans gamers. It features Tyler Ronan, a transgender man, who reunites with his twin brother, Alyson, after their mother mysteriously dies. The two are connected with a psychic bond that enables them to communicate telepathically. Just like in real life, Tyler, a trans person, occasionally suffers discrimination, and many people don’t understand him except for his sister.

Tyler showcases a trans person’s strength amidst prejudice and discrimination. Unfortunately, the game does not have a multiplayer feature, which would allow trans gamers to interact globally. Nevertheless, you can still use sites for tranny dating sites to meet and chat with like-minded people. Tell Me Why is one of the most discussed games on tranny dating sites these days, so you won’t have any problem meeting people ready to discuss it. And the best part is that you may even find love there along the way!

  1. Lev - The Last of Us 2

Lev is a 13-year-old transgender boy in The Last of Us 2. Lev was assigned a girl name, Lily. He is part of the religious cult, Seraphites until he questions their culture, comes out as male, and shaves his head bald. This is after the Seraphites deny him the right to be a soldier like his sister Yara. Lev gets exiled by his community and is on the run together with Yara. Exclusion is a common theme in the lives of trans people, and this game perfectly outlines that. This game allows transgender gamers to validate their choice, understand that they are completely normal, and not conform to societal pressures.

  1. Ned Wynert - Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Ned Wynert features as a London-based transgender businessman from the US in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate game, where he is a quest-giver. The game’s storyline does not revolve around Ned Wynert’s gender. However, this is good because it highlights that being transgender is acceptable and that the trans community is part of society. Ned’s role in Assasin’s Creed is to show a reflection of society.

  1. Miranda Comay - Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is a video game that wins big on diversity. Among the characters in the game is Miranda Comay, a black transgender woman who works as a city councilor. Miranda Comay is a friend of the protagonist, Marcus Holloway, with whom they fight the central Operating System. She also says that the Church of the New Dawn leaked a video of her genital reassignment surgery, but that doesn’t stop her from fighting the central Operation System.

Miranda Comay’s inclusion in this game, although as a non-player character, is a massive step toward recognizing transgender people. The game emphasizes the competence of trans people despite their numerous challenges. With this representation in the game, trans singles are more courageous to chat with people, connect with the game's fan base around the world, and look for others on transgender dating sites.

  1. Mizhena - Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear

Mizhena is a supporting character in Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, selling healing and curse removal to players. Mizhena says her parents thought she was a boy and raised her like one, but she grew up, and they realized she was a woman. Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonsper is another game that has helped trans gamers feel a sense of belonging and affirm that they are human beings first.


Despite having all these characters, the transgender community is still underrepresented in video games, and even worse, it can still suffer backlash when represented in some games. However, game developers are taking important steps towards including transgender characters. Inclusivity helps fight transphobia and micro aggression and helps non-transgender people to accept and understand trans people. Those who are single not only get to enjoy video games but also find someone who understands them thanks to transgender dating online.