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by bapenguin

Do Online Casinos Need to Start Embracing Cooperative Play?



Cooperative games are among the most popular titles in the world, with Mobidictum noting how a whopping 77 percent of players now play multiplayer games. With the internet becoming more widespread around the world and expected to be accessible by over 90 percent of the planet’s population by 2050, the gaming industry will continue to have a heavy focus on this form of play.

Online casinos are among the most successful gaming sites of the internet age, and they have achieved this by constantly incorporating aspects of other trends across the gaming industry. Cooperative gameplay is certainly something that these sites could seek to implement.

Online Casinos Borrowed Live Streaming From Other Gaming Offshoots

The online casino industry has a history of borrowing some of the best ideas from other areas of gaming and putting them to good use in gambling games. For example, slots often have themes and storylines now, which are features that were previously more associated with console games. Live streaming is another platform that online casinos discovered through other gaming offshoots.

Many people will have discovered live streaming for the first time when Facebook popularized it with its Facebook Live feature. This went global in 2017 and instantly turned live streaming into the most popular platform in the world. Online casinos, however, had already been using it for years. As soon as Twitch made live streaming famous in 2011, online casino developers also started using the technology to create more immersive table game experiences.

Evolution Gaming was one of the key studios behind the rise of live streaming, and its games have now become highly advanced. For example, the live casino Neon Vegas features numerous titles from the studio, including Lighting Roulette, Monopoly Live, and Mega Ball. It’s clear that forward-thinking developers can adapt live streaming to casino titles, so it would be fair to assume that they could do the same thing with cooperative gameplay.

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How Could Casinos Become More Cooperative?

Casinos have thrived up to this point without offering many multiplayer elements, but there’s a chance that they could seek to expand their audience even more in the future by evolving in this way. There are certain games that would be difficult to include any cooperative elements. Slots, for instance, have always been single player experiences and it would be hard to change that.

However, there are a few casino titles that could involve some collaboration between players. More sociable games like roulette and blackjack could be adapted to include multiplayer elements. There are also plenty of new titles that have been invented in recent years that could be open to progressive changes. Monopoly has always been a cooperative game, so Monopoly Live could maybe start including some aspects to reflect that.

Online casinos don’t necessarily have to start embracing cooperative play, as they have managed fine without it so far. However, introducing it could be a great way for the industry to evolve even more and flourish in the future.