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by bapenguin

Top 8 Free PC Programs Every Gamer Should Have in 2023

These 8 programs will blow your mind as a gamer. In the article, we’ve gathered the top-used programs for game lovers to improve your experience and make it more enjoyable.

Use the top 8 PC programs to improve your game experience in 2023

How to make your gaming experience even better? You can find the best games for PC online, but it’s not always enough to enjoy the miraculous opportunities open to gamers these days. 

This guide gathered the top 8 useful programs that you can make a part of your daily routine. What’s the use of the apps? They are seeking to make the gaming process faster, easier, and more convenient. 

Top 8 programs to change your gaming experience forever 

Where to start? Before we dive into the apps, you should beware of your security online. Unfortunately, it’s easy now to access any content from any part of the world. But it’s more complicated with the VeePN. What's a VPN app? It’s a tool for security. If you check a couple of VeePN review pages, it will become clear how critical this tool can be. VPN extension can protect your IP, hide your activity online, and prevent viruses from entering the system. 

Now that you take care of your safety, it’s time to find the easiest, yet most effective apps for the immaculate gaming experience. Let’s start and see what can impress even the most seasoned players. 

1. Game Save Manager 

What are some helpful free PC programs? Let’s talk about the first one. When using a computer, you may want to find backup storage to use as a plan B for your files. Game Save Manager is a perfect tool for gamers that can keep your resources safely stored on the device. It’s easy to locate and find the saved games on your computer. No data will be corrupted, so it’s a secure option for devoted gamers. 

2. Nexus Mod Manager 

Have you installed the VPN extension? If not, you should set up our VPN app for Windows 11 and make use of the highly responsive interface and wide range of features. And if you love mods, it’s your time to download Nexus Mod Manager. 

This manager is a handy tool. Even though it has a rather limited capability and can be applied to certain games only, it’s still a great way to manage mods. 

3. Speccy 

With the use of Speccy, gamers can reach the very inner space and see what has been downloaded before. Not only the previously downloaded components are seen, but also the details such as temperature, model numbers, and other information. 

4. Sharex 

This app is among the programs every gamer needs to have. What does it do? There must have been times in your gaming life when you were astonished by the game and decided to capture the moment. You no longer need to look for the option because Sharex is here to help. The tool has a wide set of features. 

For example, you can place a watermark or send the image directly to the image hosting source without any issues from the computer side. With some practice, you can enhance this process and make your game screenshots appealing. 

5. Discord 

You’ve probably heard about the application. It’s one of the most convenient tools for gamers. Not only it allows gamers to create communities and share their experiences in real time. It’s also a great messenger with so many useful tools. You can download files, share your resources and enjoy the team spirit with your friend gamers. 

6. Flawless Widescreen 

You’ve downloaded a tool for security and packed yourself with a couple of other handy tools, but what about the widescreen options? Some games still don’t support wide screens, so you can run into some technical interface issues. And Flawless Widescreen can help and adjust to the given monitor format. 

7. Super F4 

What’s next? On your PC, you can access any content, but sometimes it simply freezes and you can’t help it. What to do in this case? You can use an easy shortcut Ctrl + Alt + F4 to shut down any background app that refuses to close. It’s possible with the Super F4 program, a simple, yet well-performing tool for gamers. 

8. Launch Box

In many cases, playing downloaded games can become cumbersome. What can lead to it and how to change it? You may have some ROMs installed on your device, but it’s not helping with the overall gaming performance. You should try and use Launchbox. 

This app is used for organizing ROMs and emulators to allow you to make use of a controller. It will ensure an easier game. You can locate the games with ease because they are grouped by categories. 


How do you make the most of your gaming experience? The set of applications to be installed can be endless. However, you should start with the basics and find the apps described in the article. These are the most helpful ones to make your gaming journey easy and more enjoyable.