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by bapenguin

Bound By Flame PC Impressions

My latest video impression comes from the PC/Action RPG, Bound by Flame. It's an interesting title that puts you in the role of a mercenary hired by a group called the Red Scribes who are trying to stop an evil power called the Ice Lords from destroying humanity. During a ritual gone bad your character gets imbued with a fire demon granting you special powers.

Overall I've really been enjoying the game, even though I've only put about 6 hours in. It's mostly linear with some split points that let you make a "key" decision, but there's quite a bit of depth in the game's crafting and leveling system. Combat is another big focus as players can switch between different stances and styles to change up attacks against different enemy types.

The game is launching at a $40-$50 price point depending on the platform, but PC and PS4 folks will find a pretty gorgeous next-gen game. Here's my full impressions.