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by mrmcjerk

CVV: My backlog, let me show you it


The backlog; or, how I tricked my wife into guaranteeing me getting Hunted: The Demon Forge

Christmas 2010 was a great year for me.  It heralded the first anniversary of me owning a next-gen system with superior online capabilities, as well as offering a wealth of titles.  I snagged 6 games I was absolutely smitten with, thus extending my poor back catalog even more.  And some of those 6 I'm still working on!  So what's in my backlog, you ask?  Well, intrepid reader, here is a handy list!  

Single-Player backlog
inFamous - I'm about 1/3 through my first playthrough as a bad Cole.  I electrocute citizens, eat their souls, and am generally a bit of a d-bag.  And since I'm borrowing this game, I'm on a bit of a time constraint.  But there is sits on my TV stand as I make sound effects in DJ Hero 2.  BEEP BOOP TECHNO!

GTA4 -
I love Rockstar, and have been a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series since I was in middle school, running over Hare Krishnas.  I'm only about 10% through this one, and I feel bad that Niko is all alone in Liberty City without me...  but seriously, Lady Gaga vs. Kayne West!  For the past three weeks I've wanted DJ Hero 2 for as long as I could remember!  

Katamari Forever - I've had this game for months, and got stuck on a stage where I need to start a fire with a flaming katamari.  After ragequitting, I haven't played it since.  A travesty, since it is a fun, relaxing game.  Maybe I'll get to it in 2011.

The Saboteur
- A great gift from a great buddy.  Awesome game, fun driving, and bonus: you get to play as a drunk irish guy.  Another game I need to finish this year.

Valkyria Chronicles - My second PS3 game, and an amazing strategy game.  I love everything about it, except for the whole no-trophy thing.  Just writing this makes me want to finish it up...  but...  VRRRRRP VRRRIIIIP LOOK I JUST MIXED A BASEMENT JAXX SONG!!

Disgaea 3
- Hell, I still haven't beaten the first Disgaea to my satisfaction, with a 127-hour savegame!  I'll get you Baal...  eventually.

Co-op backlog
Unreal Tournament 3 -
Actually working through this one now, between bouts of inebriated turntablism.  Nonsensical story mode (what am I, a PMC?  Or some kind of miner?) and a host of online modes call to me.

Red Dead Redemption - I put this away until Friendly Free Roam came out, because I was tired of being shot for simply existing.  So I need to stomp around in this game a bit more.  Free co-op DLC doesn't hurt, either.  

Demon's Souls
- Me and Demon's Souls have a love/hate relationship, especially about the co-op.  Find a good phantom, and you've got yourself a great game.  But try to get your friend involved...  good luck.  I've spent many nights attempting to get one buddy into my realm, and almost all have ended in failure.  But an outstanding game otherwise.  

Sacred 2 - Oh man.  My co-op partner and I have something like 90 more hours before we beat this game.  I need a week's vacation, Mountain Dew, and a freezer full of Hot Pockets before I can tackle this behemoth.    

50 Cent: Blood On The Sand - I'm actually working on another blog post solely about this game, but the skinny is that aside from its hangups, I still want to go through the rest of the game.  Plus, DJ Hero 2 has a 50 Cent song!  It's like I'm crossing genres!  

White Knight Chronicles - Do you know how long it takes to get to Guild Rank 8?  By my calculations, about 84 years.  But at least my town has a vegetable garden.

Assaults on my backlog: 2011 releases that will probably keep me from ever beating Sacred 2
- My usual co-op partner already called the unrealistically-shaped woman, which means I get to be a fat bald guy!  Reminds me of my Army of Two days, playing as Cheeseburger Rios.

Uncharted 3
- Nate Drake, you scamp!  I can't resist you.  

The inevitable Assassin's Creed release in November - Goofy storyline and that total doofus Ezio aside, this series has some of the greatest gameplay I've ever experienced.  

Two Worlds 2 - As the only person who liked the first one, I can legitimately say that I will be buying the second Two Worlds eventually, and hopefully when the price plummets I can trick my dumb friends into getting it too. 

Looks like I've got a busy year ahead of me.  Maybe I'll knock out some White Knight Chronicles right now...  oh, what's this?  The Prodigy has a new track pack download?  TIME TO PUT DOWN THE AXE AND PICK UP THE WHEELS OF STEEL, HONKEY!  SCRITCH-SCRATCH-VRRP!

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