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by bigbadbob113

CCV: No Collectors Editions For Me


First off, let's get one thing straight: I think that many of the Collectors Editions of games are simply amazing. I would love to have statues and bookends and art books scattered about my house. Of course, problems occur when you live with a spouse who would prefer to have an ocean breeze-scented candle on a shelf as opposed to a bust of Batman. The main reason I don't go for Collectors Editions is simply because the miss' wouldn't allow such "clutter" around the house. Heck, it's a constant battle just to keep my pewter Lord of the Rings figurines on my dresser in the bedroom, and those things are small compared to the foot-tall sculptures you can snag from some of the insane Collectors Editions. They are a dream to me, but not a reality. In my current reality, I don't spring for Collectors Editions for various reasons, the biggest reason already being mentioned. Some of the other factors holding me back are:

  • Price: Probably the second thing stopping me from getting my hands on exclusive swag. Being an unemployed grad student, money is hard to come by. I really have to pick my game purchases carefully. With the Collectors Edition of a game costing more than the usual retail price I have no choice but to pass it up. 
  • Useless Stuff: A lot of the collectibles are cool, as I mentioned above. A statue or other life-size prop is pretty sweet, but some of the stuff included just doesn't interest me. Some examples of boring swag are the "Making of" DVDs, game soundtracks and random pieces of art. Those things hold no sway over me and make the Collectors Editions totally unappealing to me. 
  • Spouse: Oh yeah, I mentioned how I'm not allowed to mess with her place already, didn't I?

The Collectors Edition of a game is pretty cool, and I can definitely see it tempting some gamers to make such a luxurious purchase. However, it's just not for me. When you're living with a non-gamer and have a fixed income you are limited in what you can have, and I'd rather have two new video games than just one new game that happens to be a Collectors Edition.

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