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So what are these tokens used for? They can be used to acquire the highest rarity of armor and weapons in the game (exotic gear). In true Guild Wars 2 fashion, the best loot in the game isn’t dropped off a boss for people to roll on. That would put players in a competitive mindset. Instead, everyone gets their own chests (which have the potential to give some decent stuff, but is mostly just vendor trash) and everyone comes away with some tokens which they can spend on fancy gear.

The vendors where you can turn in your tokens

How long does it take to get this gear? The armor ranges from 180-330 tokens in cost and the weapons range from 240-390. A full set of the stuff could take a little while, but one could conceivably get one of the cheaper pieces in one day by running all three of the paths. Another question players may have is “how long does it take to complete an explorable path?” It really depends on a variety of factors, such as which dungeon was chosen, which path was chosen, how well-geared your party is, and how experienced your party is. An explorable dungeon path can probably range from half an hour to three hours, based on these factors. With a decently geared party that knows what they’re doing, however, the average time is probably an hour. Some explorable paths are quite straightforward and have few trash mobs. Some are very complicated with many, many bosses and encounters that might taken several attempts to beat. Everything is quite learnable, but if you find yourself in a party where you aren’t familiar with the path your party took, it might be a good idea to admit you wouldn’t mind quick run-downs of the boss fights to save everyone some time and frustration.

I hope this was informative of how end-game PVE (specifically dungeons) work in Guild Wars 2. If you have any questions, feel free to leave it in the comments below. Also, note that if dungeons aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry - you can also craft exotic gear or buy it on the auction house. Players are not forced to do dungeons if they want the best gear in Guild Wars 2!

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