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Sweet, sweet loot!

Note that characters who are a few levels lower than the recommended level can still enter the dungeon. Much lower, however, and they won’t be able to zone in. Also, as long as one player in the group has completed story, he or she can zone into explorable mode and everyone else can zone in as well, even if they haven’t completed story.

Just like in the open world of Guild Wars 2, when players enter a dungeon they’ll be leveled down to the recommended level, and their stats cut accordingly. There is no rushing people through dungeons in this game. It is unusual for anyone who is not 80 to attempt an explorable dungeon. as they are exceedingly difficult even with the best rarity of gear (exotics). It is not undoable, however, which is nice because you can still bring along your lower level friends if you still feel that you can complete the dungeon with them.

Explorables follow a similar formula, despite the fact that the dungeons are all quite different from each other in looks and mechanics. Somewhere early on in the dungeon, the players will be asked to vote which path they would like to attempt. Sometimes this is at the very beginning of the dungeon, sometimes it’s a little later, but there will always be this choice. Depending on which path is chosen by the majority, many or all of the bosses will differ, and different parts of the dungeon map will be opened up for exploration. All of the enemies in explorables are much beefier than most of the mobs you’ll have encountered out in the world, and they pack quite a punch as well. Bosses or major events will spawn chests for players to loot (usually 3 per explorable path) and upon completion players will be rewarded with coin, karma, and dungeon tokens (these tokens differ based on which dungeon was completed).

Completion and reward!

The coin and karma reward scales based on what level the player is, and the karma and dungeon token reward will be higher if it’s the first time that particular path of that dungeon has been completed by the player for the day. The base token reward is 20 tokens, with an additional 40 tokens rewarded for each unique path per day. So, for example, if a player runs all three paths of an explorable in one day, they can receive a total of 180 tokens (60 per path they did). If they attempt to run that same explorable again, though, they will only receive the base 20 when they complete a path, since they already did that path that day.

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