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Top 5 Underrated Co-Op Games of Last Gen
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Top 5 Underrated Co-Op Games of Last Gen

A few titles you may have glossed over, but that deserve your attention

With every new generation of hardware that launches there is always a lull in content to enjoy. Many times we get prettier versions of games we’ve already played, and most launch titles aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. You’ve probably played the “best co-op games of last gen”, so instead of telling you what you already know we thought we’d offer a few titles you may have originally passed by. Bonus: These have been out for a while, so check out sales and bargain bins to snag a great deal.

Lost Planet 2

Top 5 Underrated Co-Op Games of Last Gen

One of the most appealing things about Lost Planet 2 is the boss battles. The marketing for the game boasted details of epic confrontations that could take upwards of 20 minutes to complete, and while in the moment they rarely seem too repetitive. Due to the game’s archaic controls and hard to follow plot, half of any boss battle is figuring out what to do, and usually it’s done with a heavy dose of laughter.

Lost Planet 2 was definitely built for co-op, so much that going at it alone is all too frustrating to bother with. The game features four-player co-op, but even with two you can have a blast. The amount of times my co-op partner and I tried to figure out exactly what we were doing, never actually got to the bottom of it, and ultimately didn’t care due to the sheer amount of fun we were having was astronomical and 100% worth it.

Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle

Top 5 Underrated Co-Op Games of Last Gen

Combining co-op play with competitive play, Blue Toad Murder Files is a couch experience suited for a variety of players. Easy to grasp, anyone can get into this game so long as they enjoy a little mystery. After arriving in the town of Little Riddle, a heinous crime is committed, and the Blue Toad detectives are the only individuals able to crack the case. The game is a combination of conversation/interrogation and puzzle solving. The puzzles directly relate to the conversations, so paying attention is key. As players, the experience is best enjoyed working together to solve each puzzle, but by the end of a chapter it can be fun to pin different suspects and see who was correct.  Featuring quirky characters and ridiculous accents, Blue Toad Murder Files is an awesome co-op experience for up to four players.

PixelJunk Eden

Top 5 Underrated Co-Op Games of Last Gen

This game can make or break friendships. In a sort-of-but-not-exactly musical-style  gameplay, you’ll work together to build plants, collect seeds, and do your best not to fall all the way to the ground when your partner makes a crazy jump you told them was impossible. Make no mistake, this game can be tough. You’ll rely on physics and trial and error as you collect every required Spectra in each of the gardens. Working together you can swing from vine to vine, and slingshot each other in directions impossible when playing alone. To me the game is art, and it helps if you’re a fan of electronic or ambient music. The graphics are simple yet satisfyingly beautiful, and in the end it’s just a good game that you can luckily share with some friends.

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance

Top 5 Underrated Co-Op Games of Last Gen

Originally a mobile game on iOS, Dungeon Hunter delighted with its light but in depth RPG and combat system. With a new coat of HD paint and a fantastic campaign, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance launched for PSN bringing an awesome four-player co-op RPG experience that was easy to fall in love with. Instead of mindless slashing through enemies just because, there’s a plot that holds its own and gives just enough substance to put some personal stake in your quest. With controls for both the DualShock and PlayStation Move, anyone can step into the shoes of their very own dungeon hunter.

The RPG elements are light enough that even someone with the most basic understanding of leveling can craft a decent character, but at the same time the talent trees and character classes offer RPG fanatics a chance to dive in and tweak their perfect champion. Upon completion of the game there is an option to restart but with all your gear and talents while facing more challenging foes throughout the journey. The replay value on Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is high, especially given its low price.

Dead Space Extraction

Top 5 Underrated Co-Op Games of Last Gen

Also known as “The reason I bought a Wii,” Dead Space Extraction was a breath of fresh air for a console primarily featuring Mario games and party tricks. Even better, the title eventually launched on PS3 and gave Move owners something real to smile about. The story in Extraction sits just behind the terror as the true draw to this title. Seeing how it all began was quite an experience, and even if the game were only single player, I’d love it just as much. As with the original Dead Space, the game is terrifying.  I encouraged all my friends to play solo before we went at it together - it’s much more fun to be frightened alone, and I felt pure fright is better suited for a table of one.

The co-op features shine for a rail shooter. Instead of just going at it with two guns, you’ll constantly have to work together to solve puzzles or cover your partner while they hack a door. Health is shared, so when you start to get low only one player needs to snag a pack – great for those certain individuals who always seem to forget to heal. Be sure to grab light gun peripherals for this one, you’ll need them if you want to avoid hand cramps.

What are your thoughts on the underrated co-op games of last gen? What games would you add to the list? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so sound off in the comments – we read every one!