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Invasion: Nexus Update Live in Wildstar

Wildstar continues its trend of aggressively updating based on player feedback. The latest update, Invasion: Nexus, went live last week. For players who like cosmetics, this update brings an improved, account-based costuming system as well as vanity pets. For those who like open world content and questing, Protostar Contract tasks have been added, complete with reward tracks. A new level 50 zone (Star-Comm Basin) is also now available for explore. For the raiders, there’s a new raid as well: Initialization Core Y-83, intended for 20 max-level players. For the PVPers, Battlegrounds can now pit two teams against each other of the same faction, so less waiting time for a faction which has more people queueing for PVP. A ton of improved quality-of-life changes have been put in as well, including streamlined starting zones and more UI options.

Wildstar looks like it’s really continuing to listen to its players as well as doing its best to serve them. Though the game went through a bit of a rough patch, it’s great to see the dev team continuing to improve things and add content.

That about wraps it up for this month. Any updates or news about your favorite MMOs?