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SWTOR to Change up Flashpoints and Operations in Upcoming Expansion
Knights of the Fallen Empire, the fifth expansion to Star Wars: the Old Republic (SWTOR), was officially announced last month. Between now and the game's fall release, the development team has been revealing information about the expansion as well as changes coming to the core game experience. Knights of the Fallen Empire (or KotFE) takes place five years after SWTOR. How is this accomplished, you ask? Carbonite stasis, of course! At level 60, players will be frozen in carbonite. When they wake up, it’s five years later and the the Eternal Empire has won the war. That can't be good.

KotFE will raise the level cap for SWTOR by another five levels, making the new level cap 65. In part due to this increased level cap, there will be some big changes coming to already existing Flashpoints and Operations. All Operations (SWTOR’s raids) will be raised to the new level cap, which means they will drop a new tier of Elder Game gear as well as new vanity items. Operations will still be able to be played from level 50 to 65 in Story Mode, however.

For non-raiders, Flashpoints (SWTOR’s dungeons) will be getting some love, too. Fourteen Flashpoints (the ones Bioware found to be important to the core story of the game) will have a Solo mode added to them. Players will be able to tackle these by themselves (or with a companion), allowing them to experience the game’s story if they can’t or don’t want to find other people to accompany them. Also, fourteen Flashpoints (some of them the same ones that will receive Solo Mode, others different ones) will now be Tactical Flashpoints. Tactical Flashpoints will apply a Bolster effect to lower level characters. This means that anyone levels 10-65 can play them with anyone else and the game will scale their power appropriately. Last, Hard Mode Flashpoints will receive a similar bolstering system, albeit within a smaller level range. Players 50-65 will be able to tackle Hard Mode Flashpoints together on similar power levels.

SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire is due to release October 27th (or October 20th, for those with early access).

What expansions to MMOs are you currently looking forward to? Or which MMO's expansions are you currently enjoying?