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"Uh, dude? I think my drummer's asleep."

Well it was time for bed and as I put away our gear, she kept at me.  "You got beat by a gir-rrrl!" she said and then she laughed some more.

With a bruised ego, and not knowing what I could possibly have done to anger the rock gods, I realized that I would have to show them that I was worthy of their favor again.  But how?

The next night we played again and she actually tried a few songs on medium.  She bombed out a couple of times and I had to use the overdrive to save her.  I should have left well enough alone, but I couldn't help myself.  "Looks like I have to save you yet again." I chortled as she shot me an icy look.

Then I figured out what I needed to do to really put myself back in the lead as well as appease the rock gods. I would start playing the game on "Hard".  There had been no precedent set as to playing multiple levels higher so as long as I was able to keep from failing out, I would be back at the top of the food chain.

What I didn't take into account was my wife's competitive streak or the fact that the rock gods themselves may actually be female... because almost overnight she started playing all the songs on "Medium".


So we have kept at it and have since unlocked just about every song.  I have a handful of songs that I can play on "Expert" and she can play pretty much everything on "Medium" or "High" and overall I am still hanging on to the lead spot even if its just by a thread.

After playing with her all this time I think I know why she really didn't want to sing.  Its because when she is playing drums she can still give me a hard time if I start doing badly on a solo or something.  "Uh oh!  Looks like you're gonna blow it!"  She is relentless.

Once we got Rock Band 2 I though I could take a breather but no, she learned those songs even faster than she did before.  How much longer I can remain the band leader is now in question.

So, does anyone know anything about ritual sacrifice, or any kind of chant that I could use to get the rock gods back on my side?



Submitted by user brainp0wa.

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