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Phantom’s Keep Update Coming This Month to TERA
The Phantom’s Keep update is just on the horizon for TERA. This update will include a revamped Dreadmire dungeon (level 65), a new mission for the Guardian Legion Dragon Hunt, and the return of the Manglemire dungeon (level 65). The new version of Dreadmire will boast 10 challenges across multiple floors. Adventurers that are up to the task will eventually arrive at the highest level where they will have a chance to earn cosmetic Phantom Armor.

The update drops this Thursday (July 12th).

Lord of the Rings Online Update 22.3 and Summer Festival Now Live
As of June 27th, LOTRO’s newest update (22.3) is now live. The update coincided with the beginning of the game’s Summer Festival, which will run until July 17th. This year, the festival has two new instances: the Perfect Picnic and Boss from the Vaults: Thrâng. Completing them rewards bonus Festival Tokens and special gear and cosmetic items. The Perfect Picnic is suitable for characters level 10 to 115 and can be completed in a party size anywhere from solo to raid. Boss from the Vaults: Thrâng is intended for characters within the level range of 50 to 115 that are part of a 6-person party.

In addition to the new festival instances, Update 22.3 introduced some minor class balances for the Guardian and Hunter classes as well as some small UI improvements.

That about wraps it up for this month of MMO Co-Opportunities. What summer events are you enjoying in your MMO of choice?

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