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FFXIV Celebrates its 5th Anniversary; Moonfire Faire Starts Today
It’s hard for me to believe it, but FFXIV celebrates its 5th anniversary this month. To commemorate this milestone, the developers have been running a series called “Messages from the Developers” where they share their experiences of their contributions to the game.

On the event side of things, the seasonal Moonfire Faire starts today. Players will need a level 30 character in order to participate. If you meet that requirement, you can head over to the Aftcastle to chat with Mayaru Moyaru, where he’ll give you the lowdown on the event. Special event items include summer and beach-themed clothing, the Splash emote, and the curry plate and moogle incense burner items. Some items from previous years will also be making a return. The Moonfire Faire will run until Sunday, August 26th where it will be immediately followed by the Rising Seasonal Event on August 27th.

That wraps it up for this month's round-up. What MMOs are you playing to beat the heat this summer?

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