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Co-Op Casual Friday: Halo Wars Mega Bloks - Page 2

After opening all the bags, we made a decision, like good little co-op fans, to work together.  We started with the Covenant Turret, and I found the parts, and Connor put them together according to the instructions.  It was a very nice moment for this slightly sappy dad, since it reminded me of the hours I spent with LEGOs as a kid.  Sharing it with my son was even better than simple nostalgia.  After what must have seemed like an eternity in his eight year old mind, we had a fully revolving, adjustable Turret, with an Elite inside, ready to mow down some UNSC troops. 

The Warthog was quite a bit more complicated.  After about half an hour of battling to keep the cat off the table, we took a break for dinner.  With full bellies, we finished up the Warthog, and it turned out great.  We left off the stickers for now but it still looks cool.  Forgive the quality of the video.  The change in lighting makes it look bad, but it too is nicely detailed.  I especially like the color of the green plastic.  There are swirls and bits of brown, pale green, and other colors, giving it a sort of camo look. 

The Warthog set came with some figures, too.  Two green Spartans, one to drive, the other to shoot, plus a blue Elite for the turret.  Mysteriously, there were some extra parts left over.  I'm hoping they were included intentionally as spares!  I am quite pleased with the Halo Wars Mega Bloks sets.  Even with just a couple of them, we can set up a nice little battle scene. 

I'm really looking forward to opening up the massive Scorpion, but I'm sure it'll take most of an afternoon to put together.  Plus, there's the Hornet set, the UNSC Turret, and even a Covenant Ghost, too.  I'm looking for another good sale, since I didn't purchase the Aerial Ambush set, packed to the gills with a sweet looking Hawk, a Banshee (hopefully there is a tiny Gravity Hammer to go with this one), and even a different Covenant Turret.

If you are a fan of the Halo series, you really should try to hunt down at least one of the Halo Wars Mega Bloks sets.  They are fun to put together, and would look cool on your desk or a bookshelf.  If I were to pick just one to recommend, it'd be the Battle Unit, which has eight little dudes for $12.  That's a decent price for some really well designed action figures.  I wouldn't suggest going to the extreme that my son did.  Right now, the Warthog, packed full of three Spartans, is tucked neatly into bed with him.  I just hope he doesn't wake up with little Mega Blok pieces broken all over!