Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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The Co-Op Holiday Gift Guide: Xbox 360 - Page 2

For the Eclectic Gamer: Borderlands

Borderlands has a little something for every type of gamer; assuming they're old enough to handle some explicit gore, and other things that earn Borderlands a "Mature" rating. Gamers that enjoy shooting games will get their fill of fast paced shooting. Fans of looting and collecting will certainly cover their in-game pockets. RPG fans will be able to customize certain aspects as they level up. Finally, fans of a well written visually appealing co-op game will get it all.

Was $59.99, now $44.00



For the South Park Fan Gamer: South Park: Let's Go Tower Defense Play!

With clips from the hit television show mixed in with the fun 4-player co-op arcade title, we're sure any fan of South Park will enjoy South Park: Let's Go Tower Defense Play! As any of the many children of South Park, your giftee will have to defend the many familiar areas of South Park prominently featured in the show. Your South Park Fan giftee will enjoy hours of co-op tower defense fun for a mere $10 on the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

$10.00, or 800



For the Comic Book Loving Gamer: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

If you've ever scornfully requested that your giftee clean up or sell that extensive comic book collection, perhaps they would appreciate the wonders that are Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. Your giftee will appreciate the time when they get to be their favorite superheroes with their favorite friends through a familiar storyline in the Marvel universe.

Was $59.99, now $46.99



For the "I like strategy games, but my computer is less than adequate" Gamer: Halo Wars

Many people who thought strategy games could only be played with a mouse and keyboard were blown away by how well Halo Wars brought strategy to the Xbox 360. If you're shopping for anyone who loves the Halo games, reads any of the Halo books, or has a taste for strategy games on the PC, take a look at Halo Wars in your travels - they won't be disappointed.

Was $39.99, now $35.99