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The Co-Op Holiday Gift Guide: PC
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The Co-Op Holiday Gift Guide: PC

Gearing up for the holidays, Co-Optimus presents the PC version of our co-op holiday gift guide. This guide is designed to help select the best PC co-op titles and hardware for the various types of gamers on your list.

For the co-op bargain hunter:

In these trying economic times, it's hard to pick just one game to buy at full price, so why not get a ton of co-op goodness for the price of a single retail game? From now until Monday, Steam's offering a substantial package of THQ's games for $49.  With titles like Dawn of War II, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, Titan Quest, Saint's Row 2 and Full Spectrum Warrior, you'll be rocking co-op for a good long while.

THQ Complete Pack - Link

Though there aren't any co-op titles in this package (unless you take Jason's route), Lucasarts' PC heritage is impossible to ignore. With a good selection of classic adventure games and most of the top-tier Star Wars titles, you'd be foolish to pass this one up.

Lucasarts Premiere Pack - Link

For the post-Thanksgiving zombie holocaust:

Left 4 Dead 2 is fantastic, and the PC version is the best way to play it. If you're rounding up buddies to play it with you, might I suggest spreading the love with the 4-pack? Nothing says friendship like slaughtering the infected with three of your best pals.

Left 4 Dead 2 - Link

For the "Co-Optimus community fan-favorite" type:

Zombies are great, but what about that "other" 4-player shooter that everyone knows and loves? The PC version of Borderlands has a few issues, but once you tweak it, it's a completely awesome co-op experience, and Amazon's currently selling it for $19.99!

Borderlands - Link

For the "it may not have co-op, but..." crowd:

Anyone who even thinks they like Diablo-style games needs to get their hands on Torchlight.  Though we're disappointed it doesn't contain co-op, this gem of a game provides a significant value for its $20 price point.

Torchlight - Link

Luckily, fans of this style of game can currently pick up both the regular and collector's editions of Sacred II, which DOES have co-op on Amazon for $20.

Sacred II - Link