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Finally you confront Akhboob in a climatic battle.  You'll kill him through a half a dozen different forms, each designed to suck more quarters out of you in the arcade.  And then of course, is the shocking reveal.  As with any good game, the final evil boss turns out to be Hitler.  

So you blast the crap out of a giant Hitler head.  Then you blast the crap out of a giant Hitler head without skin.  You are the winnar!

But did you get 220 keys?  

It's onto the Pleasure Dome where the game's last quarter sucking trick awaits.  As the screen continually scrolls up you quickly have to gather all of the goods, something pretty much only obtainable in co-op.  There's hidden treasure behind walls, boxes on the side, and gold bars just about everywhere.  Then you enter the final room only to see...

Those bastards from Smash T.V. with your ladies!  

Yes apparently you didn't get ALL the prizes in the dome, so no boobies for you.  There's no recorded case of someone actually getting all the prizes and seeing a different final screen.  From what most people agree, it's simply another tactic to get you to dump more quarters into the arcade machine.  

Total Carnage was and is a blast to play through.  It can be completed in a good twenty minutes or so with a friend, and thanks to the numerous ports and versions available with infinite credits, you can see it from start to end.

Smash T.V. managed to get an XBLA port, and I had been holding out for one for Total Carnage, but so far no dice.

Perhaps with Microsoft's Game Room?

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