Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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Battlefield Report: January 21, 2003
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Battlefield Report: January 21, 2003

Fm: SFC Chris Dowden
Attn: CPT David Hightower
Rgd: PFC William Redbot

As the stand-in range master and platoon leader, it is my great honor to recommend PFC William Redbot of Echo Company Second Platoon for the U.S. Army Rifle Marksmanship award for displaying proficiency with the Browning Automatic Rifle battery of arms.

With your approval, PFC Redbot will be presented with Marksmanship decorations at the next awards ceremony. Awaiting your response.

SFC Christopher Dowden, Echo Company Second Platoon


Something that has always plagued cyberspace shooters is accuracy. The most obvious reason is because you lazy skunks have to actually move your hand - nay, thumb - in order to point your virtual weapon in the proper direction. At one time, the extent of an accurate shot was to face your monster in DOOM, and press the fire control. These days...well, it's not so simple. Character movement speed plus character bearing plus torso directional control plus weapon stats plus rate of fire equals so many variables to affect your bullet trajectories that even Gunnery Sergeant Hartman couldn't make it sound easy.

So what are some ways that games have found to give players a variable edge in accuracy? Let's take a quick look...