Battlefield Report: April 15, 2010 - Page 2

The guy on the right - he's practice.

"Easy to learn, difficult to master". I've always loved this phrase, because it indicates that a game or skill is inclusive to all who are willing, but provides measurable bragging rights for those who work extra hard. Mastering shot placement is very difficult in Bad Company 2 thanks to a realistic bullet trajectory that falls over distance, but if you work at it you can literally shoot helicopter pilots from their cockpits. Quad bike drivers from their quad bikes. Even tank gunners from their turrets.

The wide-open expanses of Bad Company 2's maps seem too sniper-friendly at first, but thankfully due to the appeal of being a long-range marksman, there is always a counter-sniper on your team.

Upgrades for this class include Magnum Ammo (which increases range and damage slightly), variable power scopes, and the Spotter Scope that I mentioned earlier. Spotting (tagging) is a huge value to the team overall, and due to their aptness to camping far away and picking out solitary targets, snipers are automatically in a prime position to spot and tag. Not only does it benefit the team, but a fair amount of points are given to a sniper when someone else eliminates a target that they tagged. The Spotting Scope is not necessary for this (without it, a press of the Back or Select button will tag any target in your normal scope's crosshairs), but it helps.

This is just one of many aspects of the latest Battlefield game that we'll speckle here on the Co-Optimus Battlefield Report. Check back next month to see what we dig up next!

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