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Co-Op Couples: Point, Set, Match
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Co-Op Couples: Point, Set, Match

Tuesday night I was playing Red Dead Redemption when my wife asked, "Why didn't they make this game to where two people can play on one Xbox?"

I tried to explain the technical limitations of splitscreen, but instead blurted, "You'd play this game with me?"

"Yeah, it looks fun," she said, and I felt a quick rush of regret. If only.

Truth be told, though: I have it pretty good. Heather is a bit prudish about gaming, but she does play certain games with me from time to time. And according to Julie Taylor's Match.com article "Can Video Games Lead To Love?", it's becoming more socially and financially acceptable to play games as a lighthearted way to get cozy with that special someone.

When it comes to dating, dinner and a movie become both boring and expensive after awhile.

She ain't kidding! Well, about the "expensive" part, anyway. The last movie we saw in theaters was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and we haven't found a really good reason to go spend $20 - plus snacks - since. Netflix works just fine, thank you! And since we're already firing up the Xbox 360 to stream video, we sometimes skip the movie altogether and opt for 'Splosion Man or Bomberman Live instead.

Plus, dopamine production in the brain doubles during video game play — and dopamine is the same hormone your brain releases when you’re in love. Bonus!

So there's an interesting physiological angle to this, as well... Interesting. But in that light, video games have been known to make me RAGE from time to time. How can I avoid this?

Most video game experts say games that offer a co-op mode — a feature in video games that allows players to work together as teammates — are the most fun for couples.

Ah! The quintessential answer-all! I should have known.

Julie goes on to name five games - or franchises - that she thinks would fit the bill nicely for date night. They're mostly casual (with the exception of the standout MMO World of Warcraft), and all include some type of cooperative gameplay.

Check out the full article, which should hit a sweet  note for gamers - particularly co-op gamers. The tip credit will remain anonymous, because...well...it's a Match.com link.

Maybe someday...