Co-Optimus - Editorial - On The Download Issue 13: Ad-Hoc On The Go

On The Download Issue 13: Ad-Hoc On The Go - Page 2

New In Download/DLC:

It looks like we got our hopes up, and they went right back down after announcements of the Destination Arcade have taken some strange turns. First it sounded like we were getting a great new interface for searching for, comparing, and recommending arcade games. Now, it looks like that awesome new system is temporary, only for the Summer of Arcade. Microsoft: Make up your mind!

Hopefully enough outcry will allow us to keep this new system because let’s face it, the digital distribution on all consoles needs an upgrade.

In other news: Summer of Arcade is here! Great games on the lineup, including a good chunk of co-op games. PSN users shouldn’t fret, there are 3 New releases on the way. Stock up on your Xbox/PSN points cards and enjoy the summer that is arcade.

Free for You:

Check out the trial game for Metal Slug 3 on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Play 4 player local co-op through the first few story levels of Metal Slug 3. The gameplay resembles Contra, but it’s a lot more stylized for our visual enjoyment.

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