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Welcome to the slug party, PSN!

Metal Slug 3 Finally Leaps to PS4, PS3 and Vita

The undeniably awesome arcade series Metal Slug is about to spawn another nugget of entertainment on the PlayStation Network. Developer SNK Playmore has announced Metal Slug 3 is coming to PS4, PS3 and PS Vita sometime this winter. It's time to rescue some innocents the only way we know how: by shooting all the weapons!

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Classics remain classic

Metal Slug 3 Coming to Steam

We at Co-Optimus like to highlight the latest games, but one of the wonders of co-op is how often you end up playing a classic with friends.  Recapturing that feeling of couch co-op with a sibling or pal is sometimes what gaming is about.  Therefore, when a stone cold classic like Metal Slug 3 is planned for release on Steam, we are going to tell you about it!

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Metal Slug 3 and Blazing Star

SNK Brings Two Co-Op Shoot-em-up Classics to iOS

Mobile phones and tablets are quickly becoming the platform of choice for shoot-em-up makers thanks to the mobile market's low costs of development and large audience. Now SNK is getting in on the action by releasing two much-loved Neo-Geo classics on iOS: Blazing Star, a side-scrolling shmup and Metal Slug 3, a shooter of the run-and-gun variety. Both sport a handful of enhancements as well as Blueooth co-op for two players.

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Get Trouble Witches Neo, KOF SKy Stage, and more SNK classics on the cheap.

Metal Slug Series and SNK Shoot-em-ups Half Off This Week on Xbox Live

The new Xbox Live Deal of the Week should bring tears to many an SNK fan's eyes. Most of the Japanese publisher's Xbox Live Arcade games are on sale, which means there's co-op deals to be had! Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug XX, Trouble Witches Neo, and KOF Sky Stage all support 2 player co-op, and they're all half off for Xbox Live Gold members.

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Modern Warfare 2 Glitch Grants Free SNK Games Including Metal Slug

Now here's an odd one for you.  There's a glitch in the full and demo version of Modern Warfare 2, though to be fair, the glitch is really with SNK's Xbox Live Arcade titles - where you get free access to the full version of trial titles from SNK that are installed on your hard drive.  This includes all of SNK's games, including the co-op enabled titles like Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug XX.

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