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  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Co-Op Classics: Superman: The Arcade Game - Page 3


So who gets the honor?  How about none of the above?  Taito decided to go with a cheap palette swap character, in a red and gray costume, with brown hair.  How lame is that?  On the chest of this foul impostor, you can barely make out a symbol of some kind, but it's tough to tell who it's supposed to be.  Some argue it's an alternate costume for Captain Marvel, others that it's an alternate version of Superman.  I prefer the term that my friends and I gave him when we first played the game years ago: Captain Boring.

That's really the common theme to Superman.  The game doesn't capture any of the imagination and creativity of the comic book hero it is based on at all.  The game would play the same if they had replaced Superman with any other generic video game hero.  If fact, I wonder if perhaps the license for Superman was tacked on late in development.  That might explain the vanilla sameness of the action throughout.  In the end, I suppose it was good for one thing: spending a few quarters on with a friend to pass the time.  In that sense, the Superman video game succeeds as a Co-Op Classic.