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Spectrobes: Origins

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign

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These special attacks are charmingly implemented.  One player initiates the attack by pressing B, and then both players must strike a series of poses shown on the screen.  It sounds quite cheesy, but it's an absolute hoot.  My son and I were doing our best anime acting while posing, for sure.  The special attacks do only a fair amount of damage, but the special meter builds up so quickly you'll be getting a nice Wii workout while playing.  The co-op in Spectrobes Origins is done well, perfect for parents and kids to play together.

You have free reign to go anywhere and do as you like while playing, which is very unusual for a "kiddie" game.  Exploring and finding new Spectrobes adds very much to the enjoyment of the game.  Special rocks containing fossil Spectrobes can be taken to the lab for excavation.  A full suite of tools like explosives, lasers, and drills are used in the  excavation minigame, and the controls are surprisingly precise.  The faster you unveil the fossil, the higher level the Spectrobe inside will be when awakened.  This minigame adds considerably to the feeling of being an outer space explorer on a strange new planet, which is very appealing to youngsters, and even old guys like myself.

If you have a young gamer around, and are looking for a game to play with them that will keep both of you entertained, Spectrobes Origins is a good choice.  It is far better than most games aimed at children, and while it doesn't ever rise to LEGO levels of inspiration, it's still more than worth it's bargain basement price.  Just make sure no one's got a camera around when you strike a pose together on the couch!


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