Co-Optimus - Editorial - On The Download Issue 14: Reminiscent of Hard Copies?

Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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On The Download Issue 14: Reminiscent of Hard Copies? - Page 2

New in Download and DLC:

Though it is a full title game, I feel the need to mention the release of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. This release is unique in the download realm because Blizzard, the developers of many wonderful games including Diablo, added the ability to download the full title in advance from their website. This gave gamers the ability to play the game right at midnight, and I’m hoping to see other developers take a page from this book in the future.

In other more arcade downloadable news, Slam Bolt Scrappers will be exclusively on the PSN next year. The title debuted at PAX East as an Xbox independent title, but has been picked up with exclusive rights on the PSN. This means, no more indie game channel for them, but we can apparently play some co-op with this move to the PSN.

Finally, Transformers: War for Cybertron will have a new DLC pack with new characters, and a few new multiplayer maps. I’m excited to see the previously "exclusive to pre-order" characters available in this pack, as well as a few new maps to play Escalation mode. It sounds like the DLC is exclusive to PS3 and Xbox 360 owners of the game, but if PC is included at a later date we’ll keep you posted.

Free for You:

Valve has released a fun little freebie game on Steam called Alien Swarm. The game plays like an Alien version of Smash TV, and it’s completely free to play co-op. This full game comes recommended by staff members, and we should have a review of the co-op up soon.