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Co-op Couples - A Night in with the Guybrush
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Co-op Couples - A Night in with the Guybrush

Never spend more than $20 on a game

My recent review of Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge may have given you the distinct impression that I loved the game; and it’s true.  I’ve been a Lucasarts adventure game junkie since the days of Maniac Mansion.  These days are so long ago that they even predate my relationship (!!).  What else is a man to do, but force his partner into playing the Greatest Game of All Time™?

The term co-op is a strained one that is argued back and forth on Co-Optimus, in my own editorial on what makes a game co-op I surmised that all games can be played in the spirit of cooperation.  This was my train of thought when I decided to allow my partner to play Monkey Island 2, whilst I would observe and aid with my wisdom and knowledge.  LeChuck's Revenge is a game close to my heart.  I’ve completed it so many times that I know the puzzles inside out and many of the obnoxious replies that Guybrush Threepwood specializes in.  This time I would have a new experience with the game, through my partner’s eyes.  Or so the plan started.

Being in a relationship is not about being exactly the same; in lots of cases it is the differences that cause the sparks.  I have a laid back attitude to life, whilst my partner likes to tackle things head on.  I see the funny things in life, my partner allows me to think I am funny.  Amongst my group of friends I have the reputation of coming out with some slightly outrageous remarks, this allows me to get a fun reaction and for my partner to practice her now well established eye roll.  I built up my sense of humor through the different TV shows and films I watched as well as books that I read.  One other influence was the likes of Monkey Islands, in some ways I aspire to be a bit like Guybrush (and my girlfriend Elaine?).