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New in Download/DLC


This edition of New in Download/DLC I’d like to call “the leaks” edition. Lately there have been a lot of accidental early announcements on DLC coming out for some great co-op games. Today, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair has been spotted with some leaked DLC. This DLC pack is rumored to contain at least one level, and two playable characters from previous games. Our second leak came about a week ago Borderlands DLC #4 was leaked just a little bit.

Actually, the DLC was leaked, then almost immediately confirmed via Randy Pitchford’s Twitter. This DLC is another great story arc for the Borderlands universe featuring an evil Claptrap whos Claptrap minions reanimate corpses by adding new parts to them. I’m down for a cyberpocalypse, and ready to return to Borderlands.

In other new releases Scott Pilgrim vs. The World will include zombies, and actually looks pretty good for a game based off a comic that became a movie. European gamers finally get the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC a few weeks later than North America, and still restricted until the end of the year when the DLC will disappear forever, and they mean it this time.

Finally, Shank is running strong with its newly announced co-op mode, allowing gamers to rock slashy-stabby-platforming action together. Hopefully we’ll get a co-op trial game for this one, though it looks pretty solid so far.

Free for You

Since this entire edition was on free trial games, I’ll just tell you to go play one of the ones listed on our site either on XBLA or PSN. Do it. Immediately.

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