MMO Co-Opportunities Volume III: Guild Wars - Page 3

Fun/Useful Guild Wars Terminology:

Profession Abbreviations:

A - Assassin
D - Dervish
E - Elementalist
Me - Mesmer
Mo - Monk
N - Necromancer
P - Paragon
R - Ranger
Rt - Ritualist
W - Warrior

  • Pip: The little sideways triangles displayed on health/energy bars. If they point towards the right, you regain health or energy over time; if they point left, you lose health or energy over time. For health each pip corresponds to 2 health gain/lost per second, for energy each pip corresponds to 1 energy gain/lost per 3-second period
  • Enchantment: Beneficial skills that come in two flavors: ones with a set duration and ones that have an infinite duration (usually maintained enchantments). Maintained enchantments last until the caster is dead, the enchantment is stripped, or for some other reason the enchantment is forced to be removed; however, it is at the sacrifice of one precious energy pip per maintained enchantment. The ones with durations have a myriad of duration times (sometimes very short, sometimes very long)
  • Condition/Ailment: A grouping of debuffs, distinguishable by their yellow background. Included bleed, blind, daze, etc. which can be applied by numerous different skills
  • Hex: A grouping of debuffs, distinguishable by their pink background. Unlike conditions, hex names and effects are unique to the skill that applies it. For example, several hexes may apply degeneration, but the debuff displayed will be unique to the skill used, and the amount of degen may vary from attribute level and from each skill
  • Wammo (also W/Mo): A class combination composed of Warrior primary and Monk secondary, often to utilize the monk’s healing skills and ailment removals
  • Resmer: Refers to a Mesmer that utilizes their fast-casting ability to cast resurrection skills faster than normal. Usually used jokingly or in distain
  • Frenzy+Healsig: Refers to the UNsynergous use of the Warrior skills Frenzy (increases attack speed, but causes you to take double damage) with Healing Signet (a two-second cast skill that heals for a decent amount, but causes you to suffer -40 armor while you are casting it). The result is you taking massive damage if you’re hit with these skills both going at the same time. An on-going joke in the community
  • Ascension: A pivotal point in the first campaign (Prophecies), after which most characters were finally able to achieve max level 20
  • Drok’s Run: In Prophecies for the most part, any place you could run to, you could enter or do the associated mission. Drok’s runs refers to a very long and complicated run from a relatively early part of the game to a much later part of the game. A runner (or sometimes runners) will load up their group with low-level characters, then drag them through several zones (as when one person zones, it zones the whole group) to large city Droknar’s Forge. The main goal was so those who were run could then buy max-armor armor, making the earlier parts of the game much easier
  • 55’ing: Refers to a myriad of builds almost exclusively used for farming money/items. The point is to lower your health as much as possible (55hp), then utilizes the enchantment Protective Spirit (reduces the max amount of damage you can take from one hit to 10% of your max health) and several regeneration skills to keep health up. From here the builds vary, but the focus is always to kill large groups of mobs relatively fast with a few skills
  • Bunny Thumper: A powerful combination of the Ranger’s expertise primary attribute (lowers energy cost of skills) with the hammer weapon and hammer mastery attribute from Warrior secondary. “Bunny” because they’re rangers, “Thumper” because hammers make a satisfying thumping sound when they hit. Also comes in “Slasher” and “Stabber” variants among others
  • Shutdown: Refers to a state where a player either cannot literally or cannot smartly do very much or anything due to debuffs on them
  • E-management: Refers to the smart management of your energy so you don’t often run the risk of running out, or at least not until you accomplish what you wish to accomplish

Do you guys have any additional thoughts about synergy and builds in Guild Wars? Or any great Co-Opportunities or personal experiences from Guild Wars you’d like to share?

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