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Battlefield Report: January 22, 1964
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Battlefield Report: January 22, 1964

  Dearest Mary Louise,

  I know that I’m overdue for this letter. I’ve been in the infirmary for two days now, and I’ve finally come around to asking for a pencil and paper. I don’t have much to say...just looking at your picture and sipping from a glass of room temperature water is all I have the energy for.
  You wouldn’t believe how I got here - our chopper was shot down by a sniper. One charlie in the grass took a whirlybird and six men right out of the sky. I wasn’t injured in the crash, but some scrapes and cuts were exposed to Hepatitus. So I’ve been hooked up to these IV machines for some 48 hours, in and out of consciousness.
  By the way - your brother is due for some kind of medal, I hear. While we were evacuating the wounded chopper crew a NVA tank got the drop on us. He roasted that thing with a flame thrower! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Can’t wait to share that story at Christmas!

  With love, Billy

Most of my time spent in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has been as a sniper. Although I generally loathe people who strike from afar with high-powered rifles, the learning curve for sniping in bad Company and its sequel were enough to entice me. On-the-run headshots can be very difficult but very satisfying. Helicopter pilot headshots...that’s another story altogether, and I can brag that I have at least a dozen to my name.

Once I inserted into the war zone of battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, however, I found out quickly that my rather skillful helo-killing powers were no match for the increased speed of the Hueys. Furthermore, Hueys are equipped with rocket launchers; perfect for those devastating strafing runs that Lt Col Bill Kilgore so loved. The final insult: there’s no way to lock onto them, so RPGs are nigh unusable.

This guy is about to lay a smack-down on those helos. Watch and learn.