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Battlefield Report: January 22, 1964 - Page 2

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Then I stumbled onto something I hadn’t considered: sniper rifles are very effective against Hueys. Two snipers can destroy a Huey quite easily. One sniper can empty their rifle’s clip and then finish off the kill with a few good shots from their sidearm.

So now that you’ve cleared the airspace, the enemy team has gone low. Tank treads sound, and suddenly you’re eating 10mm shells instead of airborne rockets. RPGs and dynamite charges are at your call, but if you need something a little...messier...the M2 flamethrower is surprisingly effective against tanks.

It doesn’t pack much of a punch when compared to other hard-hitters - like, say, the RPG - but its residual damage keeps the engineers at bay. And if you play Battlefield, you know that just about every tank has an engineer or two on board for the quick hop-out-and-repair operation. A flamethrower not only slows down their repair efforts; it’s also great for causing damage to the engineers themselves. Yessir, just hop right out into my lake of fire there! Moron.

"Hey, Chad? I can't help but think there might be a flamethrower out there somewhere. Let's turn around."

Multiplayer purists can appreciate this small amount of extra diversity that sets Vietnam apart by just a tad bit. As for me...well, I just want to blow everything up. Thanks, DICE!

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