Co-Optimus - Editorial - On the Download Issue 24: Digital Love

On the Download Issue 24: Digital Love - Page 2

New in Download and DLC:

A few new games are in development for a more digital audience. The most recent to be announced so far have been Bunch of Heroes complete with four player co-op, Defenders of Ardania with a new comp stomp co-op twist, and a handful of new Zombie games.

Things to look forward to in the DLC realm? More Call of Duty Black Ops please and thank you? It looks like the DLC impressions we’ve had from “First Strike” are pretty promising.

Free for You:

Since we gave you tons of ways to save a lot of money on digital games, the only thing I'll suggest is downloading some demos on Give them a try, see what you like, and hit up the tipline if you happen to notice a great co-op demo for us to push.

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