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Co-Optimus Community Voice May: Gaming Inside And Out
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Co-Optimus Community Voice May: Gaming Inside And Out

This Months Co-Optimus Community Voice addresses the change in weather, when gamers tend to wander outdoors to soak up some Vitamin D while participating in outdoor activities. How does this phenomenon of warmer weather and outdoor activities effect your gaming habits? You should blog about it.

CCV: Gaming Inside and Out is a blog topic that I'm hoping people can get ultra creative with. Almost anything you can think of is fair game here: "I hide from the warm weather, indoors ftw!" or "I enjoy the warm weather, bringing my PSP/DS outside to game with me," or even "I don't care about gaming when there is the outside to enjoy."

It's simple to participate in the Co-Optimus Community Voice blog topic. First you'll have to be a Co-Optimus member, then head over to the Blogs section and start writing. In order to be promoted in one of our weekend updates, title the blog "CCV: Gaming Inside and Out." Make sure you're on topic and follow the general conventions of English writing. Punctuation, spelling and grammar all earn you bonus points and an opportunity to see your name and avatar in hypertext on our front page.

Every weekend for the month of May I'll be selecting a few blogs to post on the front page with the help of my co-opticolleagues. Go now, write and make your community proud. I'm writing mine starting now.

*Co-op games aren't required in these blogs, but is a benefit to be sure.