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ThreeGates Announces Aethereus, a New PC Co-Op RPG
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ThreeGates Announces Aethereus, a New PC Co-Op RPG

ThreeGates, a new Swedish Developer, announces their launch project Aethereus; to be revealed at Gamescom

ThreeGates, a Swedish developer formed from industry veterans last year, has just announced their launch project: Aethereus. Aethereus will be a 4-player co-op PC RPG influenced by oldies-but-goodies giants like Diablo, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, and Champions of Norrath

The game will offer four classes (Inventor, Astrographer, Officer, and Animist) for players to pick between as well as give them the opportunity to customize their very own "Nexus" city states. Crafting/Inventing and creature-capturing will also be available for those of us who are min-maxers and collectaholics.

The game will be officially revealed at the upcoming Gamescom which begins next week. Hopefully we'll get some more details and a look at the gameplay then.

Source: Gamepro.com