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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XIII: July 2011 (Forsaken World, Eden Eternal, and GW2) - Page 2

Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal is currently in open beta, which, as far as most F2P MMOs go, is basically the same as release version. It features a job system similar to Final Fantasy Tactics (or FFXI, perhaps?) where you level up different classes on the same character and can swap between them. Only the basic warrior and mage are available on character creation, but at character level 5 you unlock the cleric, at 10 the hunter, etc, with a dozen classes available eventually. You must level up the class level in addition to your character level, however. You level up the basic skills for each class by spending in-game currency and special skills via CP (which is not shared between classes). There is also a talent system which appears to be mostly passive abilities. Only humans are available for play currently, with other races promised to be implemented at a later time. There’s also a dungeon for every zone, and also a quest auto-run feature very similar to the one I mentioned for Forsaken World.

As far as downsides go, Eden Eternal is not the most graphically impressive game. It’s anime style, which may turn some players away. You also can’t see your gear on your character (excepting hats, I think) - each class has a unique appearance, though you can unlock a few more class-specific appearances as you level up. You can, however, dye your components of your appearance to give you a sense of customization. Some players may also be frustrated that they can’t immediately start playing the class they’re most interested in (some unlock at character level 50+), and some classes have level requirements of other classes, so you may be stuck leveling up a class you don’t really like just so you can play the class you want. And, again like Forsaken World, many essential parts of gameplay aren’t explained. Most of these things don’t bother me so much, but I know that they may be deal breakers for some players.

What I Have My Eye On:

Guild Wars 2
Co-opportunity updates: Dungeons and Underwater Combat

The end of June saw a lot of meaty information released on Guild Wars 2 aspects. It’s been a known fact for a long time that GW2 would feature underwater combat, but a recent blog post provided some specific details about it. First off, there will be no breathing bar when you’re underwater. As soon as you jump in a breathing apparatus will appear on your character’s face. Second, there will be special underwater weapons, including spears (for close combat), tridents (for long ranged magic combat), and harpoon guns (for long ranged non-magic combat). Your class will dictate which of these weapons (and the skills that go along with them) you’ll be able to utilize underwater. Third, your utility skills (the last 5 skills on your skillbar) will be different underwater than on land. These changes as well as the accompanying suitable underwater enemies will certainly give players a unique experience underwater compared to above ground.

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