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Co-Op Classics Video Edition: The Cedar Point Arcade
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Co-Op Classics Video Edition: The Cedar Point Arcade

We've got something really different for you this time around, Co-Op fans.  I recently went on a family vacation to the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.  Best known for it's top-notch collection of roller coasters, the park is also home to an arcade.  Housed in a massive building, the arcade is the biggest I have ever seen in my 30+ years of gaming.  It has a huge variety of goodies, ranging from redemption games, old electromechanicals, golden age classics, and a good selection of jawdropping contemporary games too.  There are some co-op gems here, too, some I didn't even know about!  Come join us as we take a video tour.

While there are literally dozens of games in the arcade, we'll focus on the co-op titles the most.  Here's a list of the games covered in the video.  It's a great sampling from the past thirty years of co-op coin-op.


We hope you enjoy the video, and if you're ever at Cedar Point, be sure to stop in a play a few Co-Op Classics!