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Co-Op Game of the Year 2011

It’s always tough to pick an overall winner with so many great co-op games available. You have to look at a lot of factors - How many players does it support? Is it online? Is it offline? Is it replayable? Is it story based? Is it accessible?

All of these questions are things you ask yourself when trying to pick a co-op game that is head and shoulders above the rest - and when you can answer every one of those questions with the right answer - you know you have your game.

Gears of War 3 is that game, supporting both local and online play for up to four players in campaign as well as five players in Horde and Beast modes. The campaign itself is accessible, allowing players to choose their own difficulty levels and the game is replayable thanks to it’s addictive survival modes. Horde got a significant upgrade adding strategy elements to the mix and Beast is just different enough to make you go back for more.

So it’s with all that, that we gave Gears of War 3 our 2011 Co-Op Game of the Year award.

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