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Games for Windows Live Co-Op Night for May - Dawn of War 2
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Games for Windows Live Co-Op Night for May - Dawn of War 2

This month's Games for Windows Co-Op Night we go back to one of our favorites.  Dawn of War 2 from developer Relic is an Action/RTS that puts players in the role of gritty space marines as they take on three different aliens in an epic battle for survival.  The entire campaign is playable in co-op - and we have the perfect night to meet up with friends to do just that.

We'll be playing on May 26th at 8PM Eastern on Games for Windows Live.

Amazon currently has the game for $39.99!

The Co-Op Experience:  Dawn of War 2 allows players to drop in and out of the hosts game, though they'll be required to start from the beginning of the mission.  Each player controls two squads of the four total.  

Two player co-op is supported over Games for Windows Live.  While the host player saves all the progress, both players can unlock achievements.

Dawn of War 2 has you creating a hero to lead three squads of space marines into battle.  Each squad is led by a hero unit who has their own unique personality and part in the story.  Some squads are better at carrying heavy weapons and laying down cover fire, others are assault marines capable of using jet packs to launch into battle.  Your hero, like these squads, is also flexible with his type.  He can be ranged with heavy guns, or up close and personal with a chainsaw.  Whatever your squads speciality is, you'll find yourself with a choice of deciding which ones to bring into a particular mission.  The missions are launched from a strategic map which players pick and choose battles.  These battles are time sensitive, meaning that choosing one battle over another may cause you to miss a unique item or resource.


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For those of you looking for people to play - join our Steam Group.  That'll help you find people the fastest.



Thanks to the fine folks at Relic and THQ we are giving away 13 prize packs, including 3 grand prizes.

What's up for grabs?

10 Prize Packs that include:

  • Dawn of War T-Shirt
  • Dawn of War Poster

3 Grand Prize Packs that include:

  • Dawn of War T-Shirt
  • Dawn of War Poster
  • 1 Copy of the game Signed by the developers

 To enter to win simply leave a comment here or join us for co-op night.  We'll announce the winners on May 27th!


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