Co-Optimus - Interview - Indie-Ana Co-Op and the Mutant Football League Interview

Mutant Football League

  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes

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Co-Optimus: With this second go at the title, in a sense, are there some features or ideas you're implementing that didn't make it into the original Mutant League Football?

Michael: The most important difference between the original and this is our online play. Gamers can now play online or with their friends on the living room couch. This game is built for multiplayer (versus or co-op modes). Beyond online play just about everything is new in this game. We have all new teams, fields and players. The game plays much faster than the original. This is true arcade action. The gameplay is more like an NFL Blitz style of game. Yes, players can still die, but the visual FX supporting the deaths are what sets this game apart.

This is the wildest, goriest, most outrageous football game you will ever play! That’s a promise. Players inflict maximum carnage on the opposition with punches, kicks, battle axes, and even chainsaws! Our visual and gore effects include blood splatters, comically horrific deaths, fire effects, exploding body parts, and dismemberment. However the violence isn’t horrific, all our violence is handled like a Looney Tunes Cartoon – so it’s actually funny when characters die in the game – not to the player who just lost their All-Star Quarterback but for the player who killed him. The player who lost their QB is most likely going to be screaming.

Co-Optimus: From a co-op perspective, what can players expect from the game? Will they be able to play against an A.I. controlled team, or is it strictly one team of players against another team of players? Will there be any kind of special co-op plays?

Michael: Gamers can play the game a number of different ways. I’ll focus mainly on Co-op for this answer. You can have 2 to 4 players be on the same team and play against an A.I. Controlled team. You can also play 2 players vs. 2 players or 3 vs. 1. The game can be set up however the player desires. For example let’s say we are playing a 4 player co-op game with all 4 players on the same team against an A.I. Controlled team – here’s how it would work.

In Mutant Football League there are 7 on field players on offense and 7 players on defense.

On offense, Player #1 is going to play the QB. He will also pick the plays and snap the ball once the teams are lined up on the line of scrimmage. Player #2, 3 or 4 can choose to control any other offense player they want (who isn’t already controlled by another player). They can play as a running back, receiver or lineman. Once the play begins they can also switch the player they want to control. On defense the 4 players can choose whatever defense players they want as long as another player is not in control of them. Once the play begins they can also switch the player they want to control.

Through practice players can become very skillful at passing, catching, running and blocking. At some point down the road we hope to have co-op league play. That’s the dream.

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