Co-Optimus - Interview - An In-Depth Look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with Glen Schofield

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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Co-Optimus: You and some of your staff came over from working on Dead Space for Visceral and EA.  Is there any wish or push to bring interesting design stuff from that game into Modern Warfare 3 in order to make Call of Duty feel different and more interesting than the crutch of “great set pieces, but you’re going from point to point in an almost rails-like, going through the motions, fashion” that many journalists and players give the series?

Glen: We didn't push anything onto the franchise that didn't belong there or feel right. But we do have our own style, things we're known for like huge set pieces, great special effects, pacing, lighting and of course audio and story, things for which MW was known for as well so we fit right in. Obviously there are things we've influenced just by having different points of view or looking at things a little differently. The two teams have worked together in innovating and adding new features. The things we bring from past products are our learnings, our passion for games and trying to make something of extreme quality. You won't be seeing any aliens in this game, that I assure you.

Co-Optimus: Obviously it was announced before you joined with Infinity Ward on this game that Sledgehammer was working on an “Action/Adventure” Call of Duty game (as confirmed in our previous discussion early last year on sister site Colony of gamers).  One would guess Modern Warfare 3 is not the game you were working on, but have you been able to bring over some of the stuff you were working on with that Call of Duty related game or was that put on the back burner with the hope Sledgehammer can (or will) go back to it once Modern Warfare 3 is complete?

Glen: A lot of rumors have surfaced in regards to the Action/Adventure game we were working on.  At this point, we’re not sure what Activision has planned for that specific IP. It was coming along nicely and was pretty cool but I'm really enjoying this game and in no hurry to rush back to that. We’ve got so much energy and attention being poured into MW3 right now that, to be honest, we aren’t really thinking about that project right now.  We’re just extremely excited to put forth the research and energy into this game. It demands our undivided attention


The Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer Gang along w/Simon Pegg on Fallon
The Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer Gang along w/Simon Pegg on Fallon

General Game

Co-Optimus: Are there any celebrities confirmed outside of Christopher Meloni (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit) for the voice cast so far?

Glen: Christopher who? just kidding, but I doubt we confirmed him. We've got a great cast but I will be shot if I mentioned anything about it.

Co-Optimus: Do we know at this point who is composing the score since the series has seen higher profile composers recently?

Glen: Auto forward to the PR department. (The score and audio will make you weep its so good though!)

Co-Optimus: Is there any plan for PlayStation Move or Xbox 360 Kinect support in the game?  If not is it something you would be interested in adding to whatever game you’re working on next?

Glen: No plan right now but we'd never rule anything out, except 30fps.

Co-Optimus: How much of the game had been plotted out before Sledgehammer came onto the project last summer after the Infinity Ward situation had cleared?

Glen: None that I know of. Infinity Ward approached us and said they had some thoughts and by the time we sat down to engage as a co-development group we had some ideas as well. We basically sat down together and created the story and the vision and then we went to planning it. We were there right from the start.