Co-Optimus - Interview - An In-Depth Look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with Glen Schofield

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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Sledgehammer Gang w/some of the Yankees
Sledgehammer Gang w/some of the Yankees

Single Player Campaign

Co-Optimus: Tell us a bit about the single-player campaign. It obviously starts off right after the shocking events at the end of Modern Warfare 2.  It also looks like the Russians have moved in and taken over New York City.  Task Force 141 was last seen hopping onto a plane to parts unknown.  We obviously know that Delta Force (a new group) is present in the game, but is Task Force 141 as well?

Glen: A lot of questions will be answered in MW3. If you are a fan of the other games your investment in these characters will surely be paid off. And even if you haven't played the others, this game features such a strong action story that its also great as a first time player. Either way we know you'll be satisfied by the amount of time and care that went into creating MW3's story and characters. There is a huge emphasis from all of us to make a great game with a great story.

Co-Optimus: What kind of locations are we looking at outside of New York City in the game?  Any chance the Russians are going after the West Coast of our country?

Glen: This is a world event. You'll be in the US, all over Europe, India, Africa and even Russia. The scale, story and settings are epic. And we've really captured the look and feel of each and every country we visit. I have to leave some questions not fully answered but I applaud your determination.

Co-Optimus: Is there any idea how long the single-player campaign is going to be at this point since that is usually a contentious subject for people that play Call of Duty?

Glen: That's always hard to tell and judge. What's six hours for one person may be 12 for another. So I could tell you eight hours then you pick it up and bang thru it in 6 1/2 and I look like I was padding it. The truth is that we set out to make a longer campaign, but how much longer is really up to each and every person. And we're still working on the game. Until the game is absolutely locked down we don't have a good idea just yet. I can honestly say we will not pad or reduce the game based on anything else but great gameplay and telling the story we want to tell. That's what really dictates the length of the game.

Co-Optimus: Any word on what type of vehicles we might be driving or shooting from?  Obviously from the E3 demo at the Microsoft presser we saw the underwater vehicle which looked pretty cool.  Any other kind of cool ones?

Glen: I can only discuss features and mechanics that we've shown in our demos. Obviously we also have that crazy zodiac ride thru sinking ships and missiles raining down on you. When you play the game I know people will find that we have jammed so much action, diversity and new features into this game. I think that's a big advantage when you have two powerhouse teams working together on a project.

Co-Optimus: Any info on some new weapon types we might see in the single-player campaign?  Will a crossbow-like weapon be available like there was in the last Call of Duty game, Black Ops?

Glen: We've talked about the duel scope and the XM25 quite a bit as well as the Nine Bang (Delta's version of the flashbang). We have many others but we're also listening to the fans and bringing back old favorites and tweaking others. Yes there will be new weapons but the game is still in production so I'm reluctant to say too much. There are actually two others that I freakin love that I'll have to tell you later.