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Xbox One release set for February

Co-Op Twin Stick Shooter Circuit Breakers Teases New Screens

Circuit Breakers is a classic twin stick shooter that belongs in an upright cabinet with a ring of snot-nosed kids yelling at the screen. (That's a compliment.) Since we no longer live in the age of big hair, we get to experience the same arcade awesomeness at home. Where it's quiet. And joysticks aren't covered in unidentified sticky substances.

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  • pc
  • xbox one
  • couch
You can't make an eOmelette without breaking a few circuits

Arcade Shooter Circuit Breakers Coming to Xbox One

The six player (local) co-op shooter Circuit Breakers will be making its way from the PC to the Xbox One next year. Initially released on Steam last year, this frantic twin-stick shooter lets players choose from one of four characters before proceeding to blast their way through as many bots as they can. Circuit Breakers is cu...

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