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Coming Soon: DJ Hero 2 and... Guitar Hero Megadeth?

Things on the music game front have been surprisingly quiet.  We know that Harmonix is working on Green Day: Rock Band, that much is certain.  But that's pretty much it.  Pretty odd when you consider how many upcoming music games we already knew about this time last year.  (Could it be that we've reached the point of saturation?  We have some thoughts on this we'll share with you soon.)  Rumors about two more music games are swirling; one of them is confirmed, while the other isn't as substantial.

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DJ Hero Co-Op Review

In a fall crowded by rock music games, DJ Hero manages to stand out by focusing on music and mixes for various music tastes. Gone is the plastic guitar and in its place is the turntable. Are you ready to try your hand and spinning records? Ready to grab a guitar and help out?

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