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New content on the way for this innovative RPG

Episode 3 of Eon Alter Arrives Next Month

It's been a while since we lasted checked in with Eon Altar, the role-playing title that attempts to capture a little bit of that tabletop feel by using a central game device (such as a PC or tablet) as the DM/dungeon map and your smartphone as your character sheet/controller. In that time, a new episode of content has been released and a third is now on its way.

by John Bardinelli 0
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Dev team has some former BioWare people on it. Bonus!

Co-Op RPG Eon Altar Arrives on Steam Greenlight

Flying Helmet is off to a big start. The small studio is comprised of a handful of designers and developers, a few of which are former BioWare employees. Their first offering is Eon Altar, an RPG built around local multiplayer interaction handled via smartphone apps. This opens up a whole big box of co-op intrigue, including the ability to get secret information and keep it from your couch-bound allies!

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